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【3】NFT Sales Capability

■【3-1】Involvement of Owner Partners (NFT Sales Capability)

Guild Community is a new form of support that combines traditional social contributions with a business-oriented aspect. It enables not just one-time social contributions but also sustained social impact initiatives, which has attracted interest from a growing number of Owner Partners. To foster resonance with the Guild Community vision, we collaborate with media partners who possess a list of approximately 100,000 companies, including large corporations' new business development divisions and ESG contacts. Together, we organize and manage regular offline/Online events to engage and involve stakeholders.

■【3-2】Involvement of Owner Partners (Achievement)

The Owner Partners of SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM are individuals who are genuinely committed to addressing poverty and reducing inequality. Each one of them share our vision and have shown their support for our cause. We are proud to have over 30 owner partners who have collectively contributed more than 1 billion yen over the course of one year.

■【3-3】Guild Owners Expansion Strategy - Future Measures-