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IP collaboration arrangement

The collaboration between top creators from both domestic and international markets and Web3 projects brings forth a new perspective, value, and potential to guild platforms, extending beyond GameFi

■ Guild Platform: GENSOKISHI ONLINE x Yoshitaka Amano ■

We arranged collaboration between "GENSOKISHI ONLINE" Project, a fantasy world economy built on a metaverse virtual space using 3D Massively Multiplayer Online (3DMMO) technology with elements of NFTs and GameFi, and the world-renowned Japanese artist Yoshitaka Amano.

The collaborative NFTs between Yoshitaka Amano and Knights of GENSOKISHI ONLINE were initially pre-sold on November 20, 2022, with a limited quantity of approximately 500 units and they sold out within a mere 7 minutes from the start of the sale.

■Project B-id■

We have arranged a collaboration between "INIMI" and DEA, our partner in the GameFi Guild business. "INIMI", is a globally acclaimed music artist team, managed by "SUNNY BOY", who is known for his involvement in the production of the official NHK song "Hero" (performed by Namie Amuro) for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, as well as works with various artists such as BIG BANG and BTS, among others.

In this collaboration arrangement, we will be creating a music NFT produced by "INIMI" and "SUNNY BOY" as the first artist collaboration for "Project B-idol," an NFT digital idol project developed by DEA. The music NFT is scheduled to be released in limited quantities on the NFT marketplace "PlayMining NFT Premier", which is compatible with the BNB chain, in the summer of 2022. This collaboration will serve as a catalyst for DEA's new endeavor.