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■ Project History ■

■ 2022 ■

November-December 2021:

Launch of Guild (GameFi) business
Appointed as a certified Guild for "Job Tribes"

April 2022:

Appointed as an Official Guild for "GENSOKISHI ONLINE -META WORLD-"

May 2022:

Appointed as a Legendary Guild for "PolkaFantasy"
Commencement of "Influencer Marketing" service
Membership in "Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA)"
Membership in "Blockchain Space"
Appointed as an Official Guild for "ELF MASTERS"
Commencement of "Web 3 Influencer Marketing" service (Partnership with Kiii inc.)
Marketing partnership contract with "Titan Hunters"

June 2022:

Appointed as a certified guild for "Cookin' Burger"
Membership in JBA

July 2022:

Membership in JDA
Membership in BCCC
Membership in "Singapore FinTech Association (SFA)"

August 2022:

Became a gold Sponsorship for "STVV (Sint-Truidense V.V.)"
Launch of "IP Service"
Partnership agreement with artist and character designer Amano Yoshitaka for IP service

November 2022:

Change of company name from "SAKURA GUILD GAMES" to "SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM"
Release of "Curation Media (Web 3 Business)" - A curation website focused on web3 within the "Kankyo Business Website" operated by Nihon Business Publication Co., Ltd.

■ 2023 ■

1Q 2023:

Participation as a Co-Creation Partner in "Fujitsu Accelerator Program for CaaS"
Cosmos SDK-based participation and appointment of technical advisor Yamamoto Jiro
Start of employment support service for persons with disabilities through partnership with WAVE3 Inc.
Community reaches 250,000 members
Preparations for the issuance of the original token "SUP"

2Q 2023:

Start of Owner Partners recruitment
Introduction of Guild Management System
Business partnership with Tecotec Inc.

3Q 2023:

SUP Token Whitepaper Released

4Q 2023:

Became a Sponsorship for "STVV (Sint-Truidense V.V.)"
Token "Ambassador" inauguration announced

First half of 2024:

Announcement of new partner
Announcement of new partner GameFi
Announcement of SUP NFT sales