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【2】Organizational Strength

■【2-1】Cohesive Community

Many members of our SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM community, including our Guild Owners (Owner Partners) are individuals who resonate with our vision and voluntarily promote its activities. Particularly for those who demonstrate high levels of contribution, we allocate them to small teams called "Clans" composed of guild community members, where they can serve as leaders and make a significant impact. By implementing the Clan system, we have been able to ensure effective management and growth as our community continues to expand. As part of our community strategy, we actively increase the recruitment of Clan members, surpassing other guilds and maintaining an overwhelmingly high level of community growth. As of March 2023, we have attracted over 280,000 participants to our community.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated GameFi strategy team within the community. With each update, they explore the most efficient ways to conquer the game and share their findings with the community. They also provide individual advice to Clan members to make their gameplay experience more enjoyable and accessible whenever possible.

■【2-2】System Utilization

The presence of the Guild Management System is crucial (for system details, please refer to the "Guild Management System"). This system liberates us from unnecessary administrative tasks and provides a conducive environment for community members to engage in their activities.