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Web3 Influencer Marketing

Supporting the expansion and customer acquisition of Web3 projects, with a focus on GameFi, in both the domestic and global markets

In the growing global Web3 market, numerous projects are being launched daily. Among them, common challenges faced by domestic and international Web3 projects are "expansion of project awareness" and "attraction of game users and investors."

To address this, Kiii, an influencer marketing agency with a combined total of 50 million followers in Japan and 700 million followers globally (including affiliated creators), and SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM, a company with wide Web3 network, have formed a strategic partnership to provide "Web3 Influencer Marketing" services by leveraging the resources of both companies.

Through this service, we will offer support in increasing awareness and attracting users for Web3 projects seeking international expansion from Japan, as well as for projects from overseas targeting the Japanese market.