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■ Social Contribution as a Guild (Professional Union) Community Platform ■

Sustainable Social Contribution

SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM is committed to creating employment opportunities, particularly through guilds, in line with its vision. Within the guild-based platform economy promoted by SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM, we believe that individuals should have additional income through side jobs. Furthermore, even those without bank accounts or capital can generate income and use it for payments of goods and services, aiming to achieve a world where poverty issues worldwide can be addressed.

The image below showcases the smiles sent by SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM community members. We will continue to bloom smiles to people around the world!

Examples of Social Contributions as a Guild Community

1.Notable Achievements of Community Members

“AB”, who actively participates as a community member in Indonesia, has started engaging in social contribution activities using the income earned through community involvement. Community members have been able to accumulate savings from their income and some have even started their careers as “Guild Owners”, utilizing the funds they have saved.

charity clan AB FHD.mp4

2.“Retweet Donation Campaign” on SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM's Twitter

As part of our employment creation initiatives utilizing blockchain games, we lend out the company owned NFTs to individuals with disabilities who aspire to participate in self-growth and the IT/technology field. This lending is facilitated through our Guild Platform system, providing assistance in realizing their goals.