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SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM is a guild platform that aims to achieve “inequality reduction” and “equal opportunities” using Web3 technologies, including blockchain and cryptocurrencies, with the concept of “Blooming Smiles to People Around the World”. It was launched as Sakura Guild Games in November 2021 and changed its name to SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM in November 2022.

Yoshitaka Amano created the logo image of a guild (professional union). He worked as an animation character designer for "Time Bokan Series" and "Gatchaman". Since becoming independent, he has been involved in illustration, binding, and stage design. In recent years, he has been recognized for his fine art activities and is one of Japan's leading contemporary artists, receiving high acclaim worldwide. His representative works include "Final Fantasy" and "Vampire Hunter D".

Guild (Professional Union) Platform and Market Expansion

Guilds (professional unions) in the context of Web3 started with GameFi Guilds (professional unions) in 2021 and underwent rapid market expansion in a short period of time.

Market Expansion through the utilization of Web 3 (Eg: The Gaming Industry)

The guild (professional union) concept of the SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM aims to utilize Web 3 technologies to address challenges in existing markets. Starting with the gaming industry, we will expand our scope to industries such as the travel industry, influencer industry, food and beverage industry, environmental industry, etc, with the focus to promote "market expansion" and "employment growth" within these industries.

*Note: The above guild (professional union) community is currently in the planning and in the discussion stage. Hence, there is a possibility of changes regarding the expansion of guild sectors, etc.


SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM PTE. LTD. (Headquarters in Singapore) was established in November 2021. In just about a year and a half since its founding, the total number of available decks for lending has reached approximately 21,500. As of March 2023, the guild (professional uion) community has grown to over 280,000 members, surpassing the previous year's figure by about 245,000 members, representing a growth of over 3,000%, making it one of the biggest guilds (professional union) in the world. SAKURA UNITED PLATFORM aims to continue expanding its guild platform to create employment opportunities and address issues of poverty and inequality. The company is dedicated to making the world a better place and bringing smiles to people's faces through its guild community.